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Die Analysis Technology

We are a manufacturer of cast dies for automobile engines. We aim for perfection in the manufacturing of our dies. Therefore we clarify the problems caused in the die modeling and manufacturing in the product design phase, and are engaged actively in various analyses, such as fluidity, solidification, heat conduction, thermal stress, strength and particle flow analyses,

In addition, we use our machines to review the results obtained from our analysis. This information is then used in the in our design process to enhance our product quality. We put strong emphasis not only our die manufacturing, but also our unique analysis technology.

Analysis Introduction


Casting Analysis (Fluidity and Solidification)

A defective cast position and size are estimated.

Analysis Software: MAGMA, TopCAST


Head Conduction Analysis

The heat conductivity inside the die is investigated.

Analysis Software: Patran, Nastran


Thermal Stress Analysis

Cracks caused by thermal stress and stress concentrated sections are estimated.

Analysis Software: Patran, Nastran


Particle Flow Analysis

The defective filling of shell or cold core sand and blow arrangement balance are investigated.

Analysis Software: Arena-Flow

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